Although I have been painting since I was a boy my journey as an artist began in 1975 at Rhode Island School of Design, I studied illustration and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 2007, after spending twenty-eight years as a illustrator, I embarked on a career as a painter. 


As a boy, I was drawn to the work of Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and N.C. Wyeth. Knowing these renowned painters began in illustration encouraged me in my pursuit of painting. Having spent many summers as a boy on the beaches of Narragansett, Rhode Island, now as an artist, I find myself drawn to the special moments that occur on the waters edge of the Atlantic coastline.

Initially, I took a traditional approach to all of the paintings I created. As my work progressed, I began to recall memories of “Freshman Foundation” at Rhode Island School of Design, whereby I completed an assignment that required the use of squares from a gridded image. 

Thirty years later the Square Series was born- while working on a painting I started isolating complex foreground areas of the composition. I was able to work through one small painting at a time which resulted in a unified image. But still allowed each square to be subtly celebrated. 

Currently, I find myself drawn to both methods of painting - traditional and the squares approach. While I consider my traditional style to be a simplified expression of my work as an artist, I view my squares series as a contemporary abstraction of my traditional paintings.

As I approach each new canvas, I find myself in the same place that every painter throughout history has been. The blank, two-dimensional surface before me contains the promise of a new learning experience, and an opportunity to complete a piece of art to which viewers will be drawn.